Ender 5 pro bltouch issue

Trying to figure out my bltouch issue seen like the mesh not full registering all the mesh points. How could I fix this issue

I run my Cr touch before every print and I still get low spots like that sometimes. Could be the nature of the beast or gremlins???

Gremlins are always a very likely possibility,

Does the low and high spot always happen in the same place every time, or is it somewhat random? Also, have you made sure to level your bed using the knobs on the bottom, and have you made sure that your frame is nice and square.

Another thing I usually do is that I will do the bed levelling while the bed is at the temperature I plan to print at, this just helps to negate the effects of thermal expansion.


I put my money on shoe fixing elves lol. Alway at the same place, tried leveling bed first same thing . Tried lowering as it print end up with worst issue lol. Then tried raising it as it start the print to end up with other issues. But every thing I start a new print say issue. Point 0 all over on next print. Work fine forever then one day just said nope lol. Just order silicone mounts maybe that will help