Ender 5 Pro Dual Z-Axis Upgrade

Wondering if there is a reliable option for a dual z axis upgrade for the ender 5 pro here in canada? The only ones I can find is the EnderExtender based out of the US (but super expensive $149US) and a few on aliexpress for around $80CAD but I’m skeptical about the quality. Does anyone have any experience with doing the dual z axis upgrade on an ender 5? If so, where did you buy your kit? Thanks in advance

That is the only kit I could find and expensive. Looking at a picture of it it would not be hard to make one. All you need are the mounting blocks (amazon) to hold a second Z axis screw, a proper length screw and a couple of small pulleys and a belt. You also need the usual tee nuts and machine screws.

What diam. and length is the screw on your machine now.

Hi, @PaxTheMan Welcome to the forum. Truly glad you found us.

I know we do not carry that particular upgrade however I am sure we have the parts to make one up.

@Loosenut I am pretty sure the Leadscrew is 8mm 4 start, If memory serves me correct I think its a 380mm.

I’m pretty sure that the parts from an Ender 3 dual Z kit with the belt drive, $50 plus, (it has a 8mm by 380mm screw, the belt probably won’t fit) would fit and be a good starting point BUT I had another look at the Ender extender kit and to make a system similar to that would require the fabrication of certain parts. The parts needed are the two vertical round bars and the mounts to hold them and the screw to the frame and print plate. Not that hard but since it is unlikely that PAX and I live reasonably close to each other there isn’t much I can do. I would need access to his printer.

It should be possible to make a somewhat different style system using off the shelf mounting blocks, the kind used to fix the screws to the frame and make the support rods longer and then just fab the bracket that attaches to the print surface support, plus a couple of custom rod bearings. The fun bit would be finding 8mm round bar (the size is necessary to fit the support blocks) for the support rods.

It might be cheaper to but the extender system in the long run.