Ender 5 Pro Limit Switch


My ender 5 Pro seems to need its limit switch adjusted for whatever reason. The Bed is crashing into the filament tip head. I can see the limit switch is not yet engaged and when I try to set an auto home to compensate it cannot adjust and goes negative. Any ideas how to adjust the Z axis.

Edit: This issue is resolved I just had a blonde moment, and went in the wrong direction with the bed adjustments.

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Can you share a picture of the limit switch thats not doing its job?

Can you do a manual level successfully?

Just a knee jerk reaction but how loose are your bed springs? If you tighten them down all the way does it still hit the nozzle?

I am really embarrassed to admit this. So I added supports and my bed became unleveled, so I thought Ill loosen the screens and that will lower the bed. Ya when I tightened them it works. I am so sorry, that was so dumb of me. You are right hahahaha


All good :slight_smile: weve all made mistakes like that before :slight_smile:


Hey, @GlennW don’t ever be embarrassed. I’ve been at this close for 15 years and the reason I mentioned it cause it happened to me. (and not just once) :slight_smile:

There is also a little adjustment screw on the back of the bed so you can adjust the height as well as using the bedspring knobs to adjust