Ender 5 Pro Lot

Ender 5 Pro
Didn’t get a chance to use it that much.
Just had a kid, I don’t have any time to further invest in the hobby.
Mostly everything was purchased from 3D printing Canada.
Firmware is Marlin Bugfix 2.0, probes a 5x5 grid for the BLTouch.

Comes with
-Ender 5 Pro
-Glass Bed, BL Touch
-6 Rolls PLA (Lots of material on every roll)
-2 Rolls PETG (unopened)
-2 Pounds: Orange Indicating Silica Gel
-Presto Dehydrator
-Various Spare Parts (ie: Nozzles, bowden couplers)
500$ takes it all.

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How much are you looking to get for this?

I updated the ad, sorry. Looking for 500.