Ender 5 Pro + Micro Swiss NG Direct Drive + Bltouch on 4.2.7 board

Howdy… maybe this can help someone else…
I recently purchased Micro Swiss NG Direct Drive and found that Bltouch probe was off the bed when trying to level the bed. I’ve been looking around and found you can set Probe Offset for X/Y but Creality’s firmware is so outdated, most new options are not included.
I tried making firmware from source but ran into an issue controlling the motors. Seems some of the tutorials are not complete and I was missing something… line maybe two…

I ended up using this guy’s service to build custom firmware right on his website. It’s not free, but a small donation is all you need. I donated $15 as this fixed all my problems and loaded the latest and greatest build of Marlin. It took some trial and error but the 6th version got me what I wanted.

Ender 5 Pro v4.2.7 + MS NG DD + Bltouch
Probe X offset -27
Probe Y offset -12


I know I can use gcode to set that as well, but I want my printer independent of the slicer I’m using and I often try different software, so I don’t want to make such changes all the time.
Hope this can help someone else. I was considering uploading the bin file but I don’t want to be held responsible for any damage so that part you can do yourself :wink:

Screenshots are to give you idea what options are available on the site and not actual settings for anything in particular. I started with Ender 5 Pro template and build on that. You need your printer info before you try.

Cheers! Happy Printing!

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that’s an awesome service you found, Thank you so much for sharing, I am sure many users will get a lot of use out of it.

Truly appreciate it.

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I’m floored by how easy printing petg is with this thing… I wasn’t expecting such improvement! Totally worth the money.

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