Ender 5 Pro Out of box issues

Hello Everyone,
I’m new here and i had just purchased a new Ender 5 Pro exclusive from gamestop.ca (Had a $500 gift card) ut after setting up the printer i can’t Auto home! I can use the the program that moves the X and Y Axis and Z Axis. but when i do auto Home to try and set up for bed leveing it does X and Y but then Zaxis doesn’t move and the it does alot of buzzing the said auto home failed please reset.
Does anyone have an Idea?

Please help.

When you turn on the printer. Press the limit switches to verify they work. As you should have seen when auto homing for the x and y axis, when they hit their switch it displays 0.0 for that axis.

What im trying to prove is 1 if the switch is faulty or not, 2 check the wireing of the z height switch to make sure its plugged into the correct plug on the board.

Also are you able to command the z axis up and down manually?

Note i dont have an ender 5, just working through what could be the problem

Did you speak to tech support? We can hunt around and offer possibilities but if a part is found to be faulty you will end up back with tech support. I might suggest starting there. The consumer has been leaned on to provide their own support and solutions for too long.

It does sound like limit switches to me as well, I also don’t have an ender.

Hi Dr.Marvin
Yes i can move the Z axis with the dial manually i’ll o through and chcek the Micro switches and the connection locations and get back to you.

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Hello kitedemon,
i was instrucked to try calling creality but i have to hunt down the # (not a big deal) and ask what they suggest. i figured the cumunity might have delt with this issue before and instead of wating on hold i’d ask around. I’ll call them tomorrow.



Hi @Mrisiwth

Just to do some additional troubleshooting are you able to connect a computer to the printer so we can run some additional diagnostics?

If you have a USB cable and a computer installs a piece of software called “pronterface” or “YAT”, We can do some additional troubleshooting from there.


That many problems out of the box, I would send it back and have another one sent out.

HI @Pagan_Wizard Welcome to the forum

I know its a hard thing to deal with out of the box, For the most part the printers are pretty simple right out of the box and realistically not that much to really go wrong.

If you can connect with pronterface I am suspecting the plug on the Z limit switch is either stuck open or stuck closed. I am leaning towards closed.