Ender 5 pro upgrade ideas

Hey there I thought I could get a discussion going about my ender 5 and some of its current upgrades and some other ideas for it.

Well, for one thing, I doubt that removing the front top brace is doing it any good. If anything, I’d be thinking about additional bracing to make sure the frame is completely rigid.
I’ve got my ender 5 sitting on a concrete slab, with foam pads under the feet, to reduce reaction forces on the printer as it moves its print head. As well, I’ve lashed a 2 lb weight to the top front brace to reduce the resonant frequency and amplitude of Y axis ringing.

What do you think of the idea of lightening the gantry by moving the X axis stepper to the right front corner of the frame. The drive belt would run back along the side, across to the other end of the gantry and back again, then on to the back right corner and back to the motor. You’d wind up with sort of a hybrid between the Ender 5 and a coreXY, in which X would work like a coreXY (including having to synchronize stepper motions with the Y stepper), but the Y drive arrangement would still be the (IMO much superior) Ender 5 arrangement, improved by removing the weight of the stepper motor. The downside would be no worse than any coreXY: a lamentably long drive belt.

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When I took the pics I was just experimenting with the crossbar because it was in the way of my first layer veiw. I’ve now printed a adjustable crossbar mount.

Plus I can now do time lapse

As for the second idea I have thought about a Corexy setup but it’s honestly too complicated to do on ender 5 so I’d be better off building a homemade printer.

I’m confident that the arrangement I described would be as fast as coreXY, but allow greater precision, especially if you align the most sensitive dimension to be driven by the double-belt Y mechanism.
Total complexity: 3 brackets, 3 idlers and a belt. You wouldn’t even need to change any of the v-slot hardware.

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Now seeing that I might try it out in the future.