Ender-5 S1 Error E203 - CR-Touch probing outside the heated bed - SOLVED

If your Ender 5-S1 has an end-stop limit switch on the bottom of the Z-axis, and you get error E203 during bed levelling, here’s how to fix it:

  1. Goto: ender-series - Creality Cloud Firmware for 3D Printing
  2. Download this ZIP file: Ender-5 S1_HW_CR4NS200141C13_SW_V1.0.5Z_F401_International Edition
    2023-01-11 and extract it.
  3. Copy the “STM32F4_UPDATE” folder to the root directory of an SD card formatted as FAT32 with allocation unit size 4096.
  4. Insert the SD-Card in the printer and turn the printer on.
  5. Wait until the boot finishes and try bed levelling again.

The issue with the printer is caused by incorrect firmware. Please compare the behaviour of your printer with the one in the video below.

Ender-5 S1 Error E203 due to incorrect firmware.mp4 - Google Drive

Let me know if it works for you.