Ender 5pro issue

Installed a Micro Swiss hot end with direct drive. Printed fine. Happy no problems. Two days later I sliced a Ben the floating benchy in Cura. The printer printed a purge line then printed over top the purge line in starts and stops. Resliced printed same thing. Same thing sliced in Prusa only this time after printing a purge line the head moved to the centre of the bed and printed a line over top of itself repeatedly. Reflashed firmware other crazy things happened. I may have flashed with the incorrect firmware. What firmware should I use. Ender 5 pro 4.2.2 board stock except for Micro Swiss direct drive and all metal hot end.

I have to ask the dumb question (sorry for having to ask) does a previously working model still print? Trying to tell if it’s a model, Slice, or printer problem?

From what I can understand Sounds like a model problem. DM me the gcode file and let me print what you have, I have a couple of printers on the farm that will closely match your configuration.

Tried to print
1 Benchy
2 Tick Tool
3 Moai
all three print have printed before, all perform same pattern they start with a purge line then the head prints over the purge line in starts and stops as if it is printing the gcode but only in a straight line over the original purge line.

After a reflash with a couple of firmware from the original Creality site I am leaning to a mother board problem

I have never dm a file so how do I do this?