Ender 6 corexy extruder issue

I’m having bizarre issues with the extruder on this machine…it will start a print then the extruder stepper will start making grinding noises and the filament will start retracting up the tube…cleaned, replaced parts, reloaded slicer, checked wiring…etc…any help would be greatly appreciated

Is this only at the beginning of a print? If so, a common cause is the print head being flush with the build surface. ie. the bed is too close. That shuts off the flow of filament and the extruder starts grinding away.

Possibility #2 is that you have a clogged nozzle. It’s high enough off the bed but some foreign material is blocking the filament from exiting so again the extruder starts grinding.

Possibility #3 that I’ve been doing battle with this week myself, is liquefied filament solidifying in the bowden tube. Filament is usually slightly smaller than the tube but the liquid fills the entire space and extruder can’t push or pull it. This is caused by running the exturder too hot without pushing filament through it such that the filament melts all the way up into the tube. Alternatively, it’s caused by forgetting to plug the cooling fan in after you’ve changed the bowden tube after it clogged the first time as above (ahem).

sounds like you’re too close to the bed you need to adjust your Z level by leveling the bed to make it perfect have you been able to successfully print things before this started happening

It would seem that the main cable coming from the controller was loose and wasn’t quite connected…it seems that it is a common issue with this printer…I reconnected it and it’s been running fine…thanx so much everyone

A drop of glue from a glue gun where the cable plugs meet will prevent it in the future and be easily removable (if you don’t go nuts with the glue).