Ender 6 corexy issue

I’m having a strange issue with this printer

Does anyone have an idea what is causing this?..the piece did not move from the build surface …it seems to happen at this height

Layer shift…can be casued my numerous issues., such as
power to steppers too low…
belt tension too loose
Stepper drivers on controller too hot
hotend snagged by loose print plastic and jammed movement

if it always happens a few hours into a print. I would lean towards the stepper drivers being too hot, and reducing current to motors, are stepper motors very hot after a few hours?

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I didn’t think so but I run it pretty hard…lol…how do I fix this?

I run it at 150 mm/s which it’s designed to do but I turn the feed rate up to 200%…could that be doing this

run it for a few hours and feel the temperture of the stepper driver and also the stepper motor and tell me how hot they feel

Will do…thank you so much