Ender 6 Stringing

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I am not sure what else to try. Been at it all day changing retraction distance and speed and while some of them are a little better they all have a lot of stringing. This isn’t an issue for flat pieces but as soon as there is a little bit of detail I can’t use this printer.

Any ideas?

How is the fan for cooling the model working? What material are you printing with?

It looks like the stringing is happening in all directions which is why I suspect that your problem is with the fan.

Also, the model on the right looks like the front left corner lifted which may be related.

printing with pla+

I still suggest you look at your fan - it should be running at 100% once you get off the first couple/three layers.

we won’t mention the amount of dust I just cleaned out of the fan…it has only been 10 months of it printing non-stop - ish without being cleaned…