Ender 6 vs Cura Spiralize solved!

What a ride. MANY THANKS to the guys at 3dPrintingCanada for getting me through this.
Looking at you, @Jason
…also looking at you, @PJprincefpv, but only because you’re so damn hawt. You were no help whatsoever.

If you are having problems with stuttering spiralize print jobs:
In MESH FIXES, crank up the [Maximum Deviation] setting. The default is 0.025, so I set it to 0.1 and the skies cleared, and all the children sang.

If it still seems a little pokey, in COOLING, adjust your [Minimum Layer Time]. 10 seconds is too long. Who has that kind of time?!?!

Thanks again everyone!
You get a smooch…
And YOU get a smooch…


Thanks, @Ted Truly appreciate it.