Ender Extender kits

Anyone have any experience with the Ender Extender kit (Ender 3, Pro, V2). Does it work OK, installation problems etc.

I believe they now make them for other model of printers.

I’ve had a few people ask about them - however I haven’t come across anyone whose actually used them yet! They do look very interesting though. It looks like they do have some kits for some of the other models of CR printers as well.

For reference, you can get your Ender 5 Plus build height to reach 500mm!

One of my concerns is that the stock bed heater really needs to be upgraded for it’s best operation but right on the Extender website they say that basically they don’t trust the SSR’s, that they sell with the bigger bed heater, to be genuine and not counterfeit (dubious quality). This doesn’t build a lot of confidence in their products for me.