Ender five plus firmware

I’m looking for some help I have downloaded the firmware for the touch screen and the main board I got the touch screen working without the touch I’m trying to go and get the firmware on the main board but it will not load via SD or cable to the computer does anybody else have another solution. And for curiosity the reason I’m asking this is because I have removed the Sonic pad from the Ender 5 and now I’m having to reinstall all the firmware

Do you have the stock 8 bit board (8 bit board has the mini usb socket as opposed to micro usb)? If so, you can only flash the firmware through the usb port and you need a hex file as opposed to bin. If this doesn’t work you may be stuck having to install a bootloader to flash directly to the board (as opposed to USB - I had that happen to me). Can you see the com port in device manager when you are plugged in? I believe the baud rate needs to be 115200 and if all is well you should be able to select the port in the machine settings in Cura or Creality slicer and update firmware that way.