Ender3v2 gcode for micro Swiss direct drive category:1

I’m having trouble understanding how to make my home position correct again after installing the micro Swiss direct drive unit on my ender3 v2
The example is see online does not look the same as on my slicer

This is what mine looks like

And this is what the instructions look like

I’m using Ultimaker Cura as my slicer

Any help would be appreciated

Yes what you have there is correct, use the yellow highted portion and add it to your Gcode.

More specifically you need the line that has the G92 in it. rest of it is kinda “fluff” and primer lines.

I usually prefer to set the Z probe offset with the M851 however technically both will work.

Have a look at my Start code primer, links are there for the M92 and M851 online dictionary.

Please let me know if you need anything else.


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Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it. So this is done through Cura. Now what is the proper way to make the nozzle go to auto home properly when just using touch screen on the ender3 v2? Thank you and sorry if this has been discussed but everything I find online confuses me and makes me unsure. I think I would prefer to have the machine know where the proper home position is rather then the slicing software. Hope I’m making sense…

Depends on the changes you want to make. To set the home position or what it will do you may need to change that in the firmware and repunch it. If its just Off “a little” you may be able to rectify that using the M851 command and save it to EEPROM. there are some settings you can change after the firmware is installed like the M851 or M92 (e-steps). However if you want to change something like bed dimensions, or type of thermistor, you will have to redo the firmware or find firmware that does what you want it to.

If you are able to can you post a pic or a video of your machine during or after it has homed and post it here? I am suspecting it may be a offset that you can do without having to redo the firmware but I need to see it to confirm.