Engry level printer

I have a 2 year old Tevo Michelangelo that I no longer use. It’s in excellent shape and produces great prints. Entry level means manual leveling and no heated bed. Printer is very compact but print size is very good. Asking $100. Located in Oakville.

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Hey @richardwdbest could you post some pictures of this machine?

@richardwdbest I havent heard of the Tevo before. That being said I looked around a bit to see what I can find out about it.

With it being 2 years old, what sort of condition would you say its in? Was it heavily used? Does it currently work?

I believe I covered all that in the ad. If I scrubbed it thorough it might pass for new. It was used lightly to develop a prototype and I only used it for a year. Had to upgrade to move my project ahead.

Richard Best