Ergonomic Keyboard

I’m designing a split ergonomic keyboard:

I’m using

Very nice. Are you building a custom firmware too, or basing it on something existing like ergodox?

Existing firmware. Something like QMK Firmware - All Supported Keyboards

That’s pretty neat. I’m excited to see it finished. I’m on an ergodox-ez that I quite like, but always like seeing more ergonomic solutions!

How do you like the ergodox?

Here’s a picture of my current version:

I’m still experimenting with the keycap design, which has surprisingly been the most difficult part.
I still need to tweak the position of 3 or 4 keys. The nice thing about this design is that it doesn’t use any support material because each key is in its own stock or pillar. I can tweak the design and print out a new prototype with thin walls very quickly and with little plastic.

I’m happy with the ergodox-ez. I haven’t tried my hand (heh) at any other ergo mechanical keyboards so I have nothing to compare it with.

The fast prototype printing is a very important feature that I’m happy to hear you’ve been successful with. I’m surprised that you’re printing your own keycaps but I suppose it’s the only way to get the specific shape.

Do you have other ergonomic keyboards? If so, do they use custom caps as well?

I have a kinesis advantage which I loved, but it broke. It uses regular keycaps.