Error:Printer halted. kill() Called!

Hey gang, I just got this error 3 times:

Error:Printer halted. kill() Called!

This came at the very end of the print 99% and it appears to be on completion.

I will include the end code. I am running a BL touch on the sidewinder x1 (waggster’s mod v1.5 of Marlin 2.02) I can remove the LED although that shouldn’t ? make a difference.

M42 P4 S0 ; led green
M42 P5 S0 ; led red
M42 P6 S0 ; led blue
This code seems to be the culprit

M104 S0 ; nozzle heater off
M140 S0 ; bed heater off
G92 E1 ; relative positioning mode
G1 E-1 F300 ; Retract the filament
G28 X ; Home the X axis
G0 Y280 F600 ; Bring the bed to the front for easy print removal
M84 ; Motors off

Of the last few commands, which were executed when the kill() command was executed?

Was the nozzle heater off? Was the bed heater off?

We need to be careful here: the kill() command could have turned off the heaters, so if the heaters are off, we can’t be sure it was the kill command or the actual commands were executed. If they were NOT turned off, then we have confirmation that the kill() command doesn’t turn them off and the commands themselves were never reached. So at least we can learn SOMETHING from those lines.

I’m not sure how or if one can tell that relative positioning mode is turned on, so we’ll ignore that.

Did the filament retract first?
That’s fairly easy to tell if you have a Bowden tube but with direct drive, the retraction is so small you might not notice.

The last three are easy to spot if they were executed.

I’d suggest re-running your gcode with the core of it snipped out. Leave in the setup code. Leave in the first layer. Leave in the last layer if it sits on the first layer. If not, leave the last layer out. End it with the closing code. This should make testing substantially faster.

At that point re-run it and confirm it’s behaving the same way.

If it repeats itself, keep re-running it but delete one line from the bottom each time until you find the command that triggered the kill() command.

Once you think you’ve found the fatal command, try re-loading the original gcode but with that command deleted and see if it works.

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As I finished typing all of the above, I realised there was something else to be done first:

Check to see if there’s an update to the Marlin firmware. It’s possible this is a firmware bug that’s already been fixed and you’re running something older.

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Thanks lego that is good advise. I’ll tinker with it tonight and tomorrow in between meetings and see if I can isolate what the issue is. I checked and reloaded the latest mod I have instructions on compiling my own version I may try that although I have never done so.

Thank you!

So lots of tinkering later. I believe Lego had it right the code sent with the print is at fault. I removed all the LED code and the error has not returned. I also have a replacement bed installed, new extruder, and all 5 mis matched internal connectors. For the first time I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is actually making decent prints.

Finally, after three months of fighting with the sidewinder it is making acceptable prints. New bed, new extruder (complete extruder), board, cables, bearings, BLtouch, firmware and a handful of connectors.

The lesson learned, buy from a dealer not amazon.