Error :Printer halted. kill() called!

Hi, I just install a micro swiss direct drive on my second cr-10s pro V2. I did all the same installation but on this printer with octoprint I receive this error message: Printer halted. kill() called! I reload the firmware twice and the screen firmware twice too. Nothing is workin, the printer start to heat, when the printer is ready to do the measurement of the bed I have this error and octoprint is deconnecting. What is wrong?

That IMO is a homing error. Do you have end stops? are they working? I had this error and ended up with replacing all the limit switches.

Ok I will check all my limit switch. thanks.

I just change the 2 limits switchs. That was not my problem. Now I download the Tinymachine firmware. It’s the same error: Printer halted. kill() called! with octoprint. But I saw something different. When I put the power ON on my cr-10s pro v2, I saw this small message on the opening window of the printer : SD INIT FAIL. This new message is it helpfull to solve my problem?

Check your thermistor. You may have damaged the wire when you installed your Micro Swiss.

Guys, my problem was with octoprint/Raspberry pi. I didn’t solved the probleme. I switch my 2 cr-10s pro printer fom octoprint to repetier to manage my printer. Wow everything is working so well and it’s so easy. No more SUDO STUPID THING for me. Raspberry pi… NO MORE!!!