Eryone er-20 printer issues

Hi I have a eryone er-20 3d printer. There was a clog in the hotend. I think I got it all unclogged but I broke my tip off and now can’t put a new one on. If I wanted to just buy a new hotend and upgrade this unit what would I use? Something that I can still use the auto level as well. Help i have no idea what to do.

You could try drilling out the hole some and then use an EZ out to turn the nozzle out or find a friend that can do it.The drill might catch and unwind the nozzle when you do it. Use a drill press and mount the hotend in a vise.

I don’t have someone to do that. So what can I try?

Using an Easy Out is the usual method for something like that. Sometimes if you put the part in a vise and then use a chisel, with one of the tips stuck into the hole and tap on it (counter clockwise) it might force the nozzle to unwind enough to be able to get a grip on it with pliers. Taking it to a shop to get it removed would probably cost more then it is worth. It is possible that some of the plastic got into the threads and effectively glued the nozzle in. I suspect that is the case since it broke off. It would have to be heated up to at least 200C to loosen it enough to come out.

Not much more I can do without having it in hand.

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Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us, Looks like the hot end may be loosely based on an MK8 or MK10. If you are local to us where we may be able to get it out for you if need be, but yes Easy out may be the best way to get it out,


Can I just buy a new piece somewhere? I can’t fix it.

Have you contacted the company that sells/made it?

If you can’t get help there then there are a lot of hot end parts for sale that would probably fit your machine. Email these guys and see if they can help, it looks like on of their Ender 3 heat blocks might fit.

Yes the are in china and are no help. I have the eryone er-20 with self leveling bed. I need a whole need hotend. They are out of stock.

I’m not sure if you are local to us however if you are just bringing in the hot end you have we can see if I can match it up to a known replaceable hotend.

If you are not local could you take a couple of detailed pictures of the hot end from multiple sides and see if I can figure one out from there.

It seems like they re-stock this Hotend already.

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Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us, Post up any issues you may have or favourite prints you have,

love to see them