Esun PLA+ Cool White 1.75

I use Esun PLA+ Cool White 1.75 for Lithophanes, its been the best ive found but now 3DPC doesnt carry it. anyone know where I can find it… or suggest a good substitute that 3DPC carries?

quite a few customers use this one for lithophanes

Maybe that one will work, I was told the milk white does not work well with the lithophane as it does not have any tones of blue in it.

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Ive tried Warm white befoe and Dont like it it, way too yellow, also much Prefer PLA+, easier and cleaner prints in my experience

fair enough, I personally don’t print them, I’m going 100% from what customers tell me.

I like the this one, works well for me. I don’t make lithopanes often, but I’ve used the filament for all sorts of stuff.

Some people have mentioned winding issues with the IIID max filaments, but I’ve had nothing but good results from them.

1 Like carries esun pla+ as does I used sunlu and Hatchbox aka Kexcelled I like the matchbox white as it is white neither yellow or blue.

I purchase my eSun filament from Amazon… Just received 4 spools Monday.