Euro silk filament

I had purchased some of the Eurosilk filament, from 3DPC, some time ago and I finally printed some of it. It is the aluminum silver version. I used it to make a barrel liner for a model of an artillery piece. The model is all made out of metal, machined and sheet metal work but I do not have the equipment to make a rifled barrel liner nor do I want to build the equipment, so I’m going to cheat. I chose that particular colour because it is similar to the colour of the inside of a barrel IE: bare metal or “in the white” as they say.

The only thing I can say about it is WOW. It prints so smooth. At .12 layer height it has practically no layer lines and at .2 it is still very smooth with minimal layering. Compared to other PLA’s it has a much better finish. The inside detail of the part, the rifling, which is only 0.010" deep is fully detail and nice and crisp. I had tried to print this part out with other, good quality, brands of regular PLA but it never turned out very well. The internal detail was always indistinct or “melted”. I would definitely recommend this filament to anyone printing out fine detail parts or miniatures.

I used Cura 4.13 and 5. Both came out fine.

P.S. taking a picture to post is of little value since the part is small and the inside would be blurry.

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Hi @Loosenut

Thanks for the feedback, I am a fan of the Silk as well

I decided to give a photo a try and it came out so so (my poor photo skills).

The print is .875" on the OD and .750 on the ID. The rifling is only 0.010" deep and as the picture shows it is well defined and shaped. This was the .12mm layer height print and the lines are not visible, you can barely feel them with your fingers.The picture does not do the actual print justice.