Evnovo Sidewinder X1 help

So I am still having the filament stall and the extruder gear chew a notch in it. There is no clog in the hot end.

This is often the second print not the first (heat related?)

I have been using different filaments but some (prusament and 3dpc) of known quality and dimension stability. I have checked as well.

Thoughts? (extruder arm and bearings?)

Print quality is fine, dimensions are great, 20x20x60 measures 20.01x19.96x59.99
I have changed:
Large extruder gear
tension spring
filament sensor
PTFE liner
Throat (all metal titanium) new PTFE tubes
Filament guide (plastic thing that sits between the ptfe and extruder gears)
PTFE guide in arm
added BLtouch and firmware (waggster mod, most recent)
Improved the bed cupping by tensioning it against a milled block during heating.
Removed two dupont connectors (and the hot glue holding them) and replaced with the JST vh that clip into the board properly. :open_mouth:

have you tried pushing the filament through by hand? Like when you get a jam like that open the extruder and try pushing the filament through by hand you might be able to feel where the jam is happening. Also when you release the tension on the extruder does the filament spring back?

Yes it is no issue by hand. I can easly move past the ‘notch’ and it extrudes fine. I can also move the filament in 10 mm and command the printer to feed filament and it will no issues.

No when I release the tension manually the filament does not move on its own. no spring back.

Could it be that at some point when the unit has to turn the filament spool the tension is too great causing a slip and it can’t really get proper hold on it again after that? might only be a momentary thing thats gone as soon as you tug on the filament by hand. I notice on mine sometimes the filament has to organize itself before it unspools and for a second it takes more tension while the spool rotates and climbs the holderbar then it suddenly releases.

That is where I started. the Prusament is perfectly laid. It is all in neat rows. It unspools like a dream. I found lots of resistance in the sensor but the new one is very free moving. I don’t know. I just put a new arm and replaced all the bearings. I ran one print I am just printing a second now. Fingers crossed.