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I’ve have great success pretty much ever since i plugged it in for the first time but have recently encountered some extruding issues. This seems like a great space to have everyone’s experience with the Sidewinder consolidated.

My specific issue is the hob gear is slipping on the filament which is obviously causing under extrusion. Thought I had a clog due to wear from so much use so I replaced the hot end, nozzle, and put in Capricorn tubing. Turns out that wasn’t the issue. I’ve adjusted the tensioner both ways and it’s still happening.

Any help is appreciated!!

Happy printing!

Hello Josh,

I had a similar issue, it was the small bearings on each side of the hobbled shaft. They were failing and causing the shaft to move back and forth, resulting in filament skipping due to inconsistent force on the filament to the idler U-bearing.

I believe they were M95ZZ - Metric 9mm out and 5mm inside


I will look for those bearings right away!
Thanks Keith!
It’ll be nice to have both Sidewinders running again. Cuts project time down substantially

Ya im having the same issue currently. Found it was those bearings. Otherwise the x1 has been my favorite printer. It just works and works. Reliable repeatable results.


Exactly my experience with the X1
So glad I made the choice to upgrade to this one when I decided I needed a bigger print volume

I have half a mind to buy another one since ive been dissapointed by everything else. It has what i consider the best design for stock equipment
Ultra rediculous quiet.
Z screw timing belt.
Solid frame
Direct drive extruder
Ac heated bed
Glass build plate
Full size usb stick

I mean what else could you want. Lol

Another one! That’s what! Lol
I have two and it’s twice as awesome

Truth. I got a biqu b1 and i love it but honestly nothing will touch the x1 for a while. Keepig my eyes open for a used one

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