Exciting New Job Opportunities in 3D Printing at AddUp, Farsoon Europe, Endeavor 3D, Velo3D, CRP USA and Beyond

Welcome to the latest edition of our 3D printing jobs and career moves update for the additive manufacturing sector.

In this edition, we’ll highlight recent developments and movements in the industry’s workforce, shedding light on the dynamic landscape of the additive manufacturing sector.

Read on for recent hires and facility openings at AddUp, Farsoon Europe, Endeavor 3D, ROBOZE, and more.

New hires at AddUp, Velo3D, CRP USA, Axtra3D, and more

French industrial 3D printer provider AddUp has recently appointed Julien Marcilly as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), taking over the role from Frank Moreau. Marcilly, with 15 years of experience in industrial manufacturing, has been serving as the Deputy CEO since 2019. His past leadership roles at Fives Group and Fives Conveying showcase his robust track record in addressing global manufacturing difficulties. As CEO, Marcilly will concentrate on the potential for metal 3D printing and stress the importance of comprehensive client support. The company, under the guidance of Marcilly, seeks to break into new markets by emphasizing productivity, sustainability, and customer service.

Velo3D, a Metal AM company, has named Michelle Sidwell as the Executive VP of Global Sales and Business Development, with her role commencing in September 2023. Sidwell’s impressive 20-year career, including positions held at Salesloft, Adobe, and Yext, is perfectly aligned with Velo3D’s growth plans. Since going public in 2021, Velo3D has enjoyed a 400% increase in revenue. The appointment of Sidwell is expected to uphold this growth trajectory by procuring new clients and expanding existing accounts. The company was established in 2014 with a focus on metal 3D printing for intricate designs. Sidwell is anticipated to steer the global sales and business development operations, targeting markets in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

In other news, Farsoon Europe has recruited Kevin Veysseix as Territory Technical Support Manager and added Simon Song, René Kopatsch, and Louis Rankel to their team as Technical Service Engineers. Veysseix, with seven years in additive manufacturing, will specialize in technical support. Meanwhile, Song will transition from Farsoon China to boost European operations. Kopatsch, having spent five years in AM, aims to extend his expertise. Rankel, who has been passionate about AM for 9 years, aspires to deliver exceptional service. These new hires highlight Farsoon’s commitment to innovation and customer support in the field of additive manufacturing.

The Women in Manufacturing Association (WiM) recently announced its 2024 Board of Directors, coming into effect April 1, 2024. The chair is Jana Gessner from PepsiCo with Vice Chair Danielle Schneider from Pridgeon & Clay. Treasurer Joanna Cooper is from Daimler Truck North America, Secretary Jane Thomas from Teijin Holdings USA and Past Chair Lisa Skidmore from GE Appliances.

New members joining include Myoshi Aubain from DuPont, Heather Bishop from John Deere, Ester Codina from Alfa Laval, Cara Herzog from Southwire Company, Molly Jacobs from Greenheck Group, and Kim Ziomek from Schwartz Machine Company. Continuing members like Sheree Gaus from Sodexo, Peggy Gulick from Kohler Co. and others also ensure a diverse sector representation. Outgoing members were thanked for their service.

Meanwhile, CRP USA, a US-based 3D printing company, announced the appointment of Chris Brewster as CEO, beginning January 29, 2024. With extensive experience across various manufacturing sectors, including space and aerospace, Brewster is set to lead CRP USA towards innovation and strategic development, as stated by the company.

Furthermore, 3D printing startup Axtra3D appointed Rajeev Kulkarni as Chief Strategy Officer, taking effect March 4, 2024, to boost sustainable growth. Kulkarni brings in decades of executive leadership and experience from his time at 3D Systems. At Axtra3D, Kulkarni will manage strategic planning, corporate development, partnerships and the overall growth strategy.

Axtra3D’s breakthrough in SLA technology reflects a significant development in the market, enabling balance across throughput, part fidelity, and reliability. The technology requires no compromise in any of these sectors, extending its scope across varied applications. The technology’s industrial and healthcare applications, along with the innovation in the team, influenced my decision to join Axtra3D,” Kulkarni explains.

Janet Dickinson has been appointed the new Chief Operations Officer at Endeavor 3D, effective from April 02, 2024. With a track record exceeding three decades in manufacturing, she will be responsible for supervising polymer and metal additive manufacturing operations and quality control. Previously in charge of commercial strategies, Dickinson now concentrates on merging technology and continuous improvement. Her leadership encourages a customer-oriented, people-first philosophy. Dickinson’s skills in operations and IT are instrumental in promoting Endeavor 3D’s digital manufacturing efforts for amplified efficiency, innovation, cost cutting, and elevated customer satisfaction.

Launch of new facilities by VDW, ROBOZE, and ASTRO America

In November 2023, the VDW and VDMA inaugurated the “Smart IoT in Production” showroom in Shanghai, China, promoting umati, an open, standardized OPC UA-based interface. Located in the Pilot Free Trade Zone, the showroom lets companies demonstrate smart production technologies and network with potential partners over a span of 500 square meters. As per the company, umati’s stand spotlights open data networking potentials and stimulates alliances with Chinese businesses and the local initiative, NC Link, with live showcases from Mahr and Trumpf.

Deputy Consul General Lukas Meyer explicated the significance of umati, “Industry 4.0 is currently a happening topic, marking it crucial to secure full transparency. Umati, with its influential network of associates and global outreach, is laying substantial groundwork in this respect. The ‘Smart IoT in Production’ showroom serves as a further significat platform for the network to enhance its visibility.”

ASTRO America, the government of Guam, and Rear Admiral Scott Pappano have unveiled plans to establish an additive manufacturing and workforce learning center in Guam. This venture aims to back the submarine industrial foundation and diversify the economy of Guam. Assessed by ASTRO, the project will boost manufacturing expertise and manufacture vital ship elements. Neal Orringer, president of ASTRO America, stressed its significance for both Guam and the U.S. Submarine Industrial Base. Implemented in stages, the initiative entails collaboration with BlueForge Alliance, Guam Economic Development Authority, and the University of Guam, pledging job expansion and national security enhancement.

3D printing company ROBOZE has announced the opening of its new Milan office, demonstrating growth and dedication to strengthening industrial 3D printing. Mixing modernity with functionality, the office hosted live exhibitions presenting ROBOZE’s innovative solutions. This expansion emphasizes the company’s global growth and collaboration possibilities in industrial 3D printing, according to the company.

CEO of ROBOZE, Alessio Lorusso, expressed, “We are excited to embark on this new journey in Milan. Italy is a focal point of imagination and inventive thinking, and we are assured that our existence here will enable us to collaborate with some of the most intelligent minds and most innovative organizations. Our goal is to continue to be the pioneers of change in the industrial 3D printing sector, challenging the constraints of what’s achievable and providing custom-made solutions for the most intricate production needs.”

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