Expectations, too much?

I have been extremely frustrated with my Sidewinder X1 I purchased early December. I have been forced to swap many parts (board, rollers, internal wiring, the entire extruder, stepper, on and on.) it is finally making prints that are reasonable and it is mostly reliable. I have been comparing it to a Prusa. This has not been favourable, it is absolutely reliable and consistent.

I might be being unreasonable with what I expect. I am going to upload some prints from the two of them and see what you all think. Thee model is the undead pharaoh bust by artistwings (Undead Pharao bust by Artistwings - Thingiverse) It is scaled up.

Both are printed in 0.2 layers at 60mm/s max speed 200mm/s so fast prints.

Same brand filament, gold and black. Clearly one is better than the other, and both where sitting in my living room for a week so they have surface dust… please excuse that. What do you all think are they close enough?

Photos are straight from the camera (I had to downsize them) and prints are not cleaned they came off the printer like this. The dust is all natural! LOL.

I think they’re superb. So, to be clear, these are off the Sidewinder, not the Prusa?


They are great prints. the only way to get better prints would to go to resin. Good job!


@LEGOManiac sorry its a hold over from work, blind opinions, people will choose on occasion with biases rather than reality. I am posting because I certainly am.

The Gold is the sidewinder the black is the Prusa. I rarely print this fast on the Prusa but hope to on the Sidewinder bigger prints faster I can accept loss. But I am critical of all the effort it has taken to get here.

Months of tinkering.

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