Exploring Marine Biodiversity: Top 5 Videos on 3D Printed Coral Reefs

Welcome to this week’s top 5 most compelling 3D printing videos. We begin this week’s edition with our exclusive video, elaborating on the efforts of some companies in the fight against the extinction of coral reefs using 3D printing technology. Subsequently, we delve into the application of 3D printing in construction, specifically in the creation of concrete culverts and for transportation purposes. The third highlight features a taste test conducted by the Crystal Palace soccer team, evaluating whether they can differentiate between actual beef and 3D printed beef. Following that, we get an exhaustive overview of projects spearheaded by the Texas-based company, ICON, revealing their objective to dominate the 3D-printed housing market. Lastly, we conclude with an uplifting video by the user Morphiz, elucidating how artists can invigorate their artwork by scanning and 3D printing their art into mesmerizing sculptures. Let’s plunge in!

Top 1: 3D Printed Coral Reefs Conservation

Beginning, we project our in-house video, spotlighting initiatives aimed at preventing the extinction of coral reefs. Highly endangered, these reefs are recognized as some of the earth’s oldest and varied ecosystems, bearing imminent threats from climate change and local stressors. Through this expedition, we highlight inventive methods, like archiREEF’s 3D printed terracotta reefs in Hong Kong and Ørsted and the WWF’s mutual launch of 50 3D printed reef structures in the North Sea.

Top 2: 3D Printing in Construction and Transportation

Our next video investigates the application of 3D printing technology in the construction industry, specifically focusing on the production of concrete culverts. The presenter, Alireza Hasani from the University of North Dakota, discusses the challenges and requirements associated with implementing concrete 3D printing technology in construction. Hasani shares insights from his recent construction work, highlighting specifications of 3D printed concrete pipes and emphasizing the potential practical applications of 3D printing technology in the field of transportation.

Top 3″ Real Beef Taste-Test Challenge with Crystal Palace

We continue with a video featuring members of the Crystal Palace football team as they take on a taste-test challenge to determine whether they can distinguish between real beef and 3D printed beef. The chef introduces plant-based options, including a 3D printed flank steak, to be served alongside traditional beef dishes in the 2010 Lounge at the stadium. Watch below to see how the players gauge these beefs!

Watch the video here

Top 4: ICON’s Goals for 3D Printed Housing Dominance on Earth and the Moon

In this video by Real Ezy, we’re presented with an overview of projects by Icon, the Austin-based 3D printing construction company. With over $260 million raised since its establishment in 2017, ICON not only aspires to produce the world’s largest 3D-printed homes but also has its sights set on 3D printing homes on the Moon. This video dives deep into ICON’s ambitious goals for the future, and provides insights into how they plan to achieve their vision.

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Top 5: From Paper to Sculptures – 3D Printing Home Drawings

We wrap up our top 5 list with an inspiring video by Morphiz, demonstrating the process of transforming children’s paintings and drawings into captivating sculptures through scanning and 3D printing. This heartwarming showcase reveals how both young artists and adults alike can bring their artwork to life using 3D printing technology.

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