Extend Tevo Tarantula Past Large Bed


200X200X200 Doesn’t Quite Fit what I want and I don’t have enough $$$ to buy a Larger printer!!!

Large bed is 200X280X200, in the firmware.
I “Believe” it can be edited to larger !?!?!?

Is it possible or has anyone replaced the Y Axis 2040 (420mm) with maybe a (500mm would make
room for the 280) 600mm or larger
and modified the bed to accept larger builds?

To possibly 220 (max X Axis travel, unless 2040’s swapped out) X Axis 300+ and Z Axis max travel 250ish I think.

Yes total frame rebuild

Or Am I Just Crazy?
Well I Know I am.

I always say the Only way to stay Sane is to Be Crazy!!!
It got me through 24 years in the Military and 25 years with Her :crazy_face: :rofl: :crazy_face: :rofl: :crazy_face: :rofl:

Thoughts AnyOne???

you can find that tevo makes a larger bed or you could go and make it all custom lol. thank you for your Service.

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Your Quite Welcome.

Have you heard of anyone modifying the Tarantula for a larger frame?

I set Y to 215 in the firmware have printed to 215 with no problem. My X has a physical of 208.
I manually turned the Z up (making sure of clearance) and measured 240mm, changing the
mounts at the top could pull 250mm.

So the stock bed should be able to do 207X215X240

Why Tevo set it to 200X200X200… no Idea???

I can’t see why it couldn’t be done as long as the frame will accommodate it.
I was hoping someone has done this.

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ill look into some of that

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