Extra hardware/electronics on hand?

So what sort of extra hardware and electronics do you have?

This dosent have to be a total list, but ive been thinking of what i might need for future projects.

Heres what ive got roughly

Metric bolt and nut kit - beacuse metric is best

Led kit - beacuse i want to think ill use 10 out of the 500 in the kit XD

Assorted steel balls kit - i have a few projects/puzzles in mind, but havent acted on useing them yet.

Assorted spring kit - to compliment the assorted steel ball kit, but honestly probabilly should have gone with piano wire and just make my own springs as needed. Any suggestions on what to consider?

JST and soon a Dupont connector kit - beacuse i didnt know the jst kit wouldnt be sufficient for doing wire to wire connections.

Several sizes of circular rare earth magnets - for magnet things

Buck converters - for controlling correct power to particular extras… Still work in progress and should probabilly check with an adult im not a fire hazard XD jks

Hal sensors - for one of my goals of a filament diammeter/runout combo sensor

Fan controller - for my new control board and super sized fan… Work in progress

Numerous single use tiny tubes of super glue - so i dont waste a bunch if one goes bad

608 bearings - for bearing projects

Assorted switches - to turn on and off things

22 AWG wire - to wire up things

Then things blur into spare parts for the printer.

I think im missing resistors, capacitors, not sure what else, though my electronics skills are a bit weak and i havent fully thought out projects needing them yet.

Soooo what do you have on hand just cause?


I have almost all of what you listed on hand…

I don’t have any hall effect sensors, No fan controllers but I have a selection of spare fans.

I keep extra nozzles in a few diameters, extra heat breaks, blocks, thermoresistors, cartridges, stepper, run out (for only one of my printers) e3d hotend and whatever I am not thinking of.

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Spare printer wise ive got

Spare fans - a few sizes for direct replacement and soon to be upgrades

Spare nozzles - i bought the wrong set initally so now i have 1 set to use and 1 for… Later? Of various sizes

A handfull of heat sinks for steppers and drivers

Super cheapo v wheels - dont recommend buying off amazon, atleast 3dpc ones seem better quality

Spare hotend assembly

Ptfe tubeing - for the filaments XD

Spare couplings - extras after modfifications

Heat insulating tape - for a failed plan to insulate my hotend, cant really reccommend

Kapton tape

And some assorted electronics particular to mks control boards.

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Take your pick. This, is just what I keep on hand. There’s boxes of parts I never unpacked when I moved here 8 years go. Indeed, I never even finished arranging all the bins. It just got overwhelming. Most of it’s old stock, though, and timeless parts like resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, TTL, CMOS, etc. The new stuff I keep by my desk.

Only about 20% of it is older hardware. The metric stuff I keep near my desk.

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