Extruder problems

Looks like my extruder is starting to give me some trouble. Since I’m easily able to adjust E-steps with the new TFT firmware application I’ve noticed that it varies quite a bit. I’ll have to pull the extruder apart tomorrow and see if there a mechanical issue. @PJprincefpv have you had any problems with your extruders?

What does the extruder appear to be doing? Over extruding, under extruding, biting into the filament? You say the E-steps vary quite a bit? Do you mean over time, or from filament to filament?

Do you get consistent (if not favourable) results from one filament?

The one thing that does jump out at me about your question is the reference to “the new TFT firmware”. Keep in mind that the extruder only moves when and as much as the firmware tells it to. If there’s a bug in the software timing or interrupt handling, it can show up as an “extruder problem”. Note that if it was a firmware problem, it wouldn’t matter what filament you are using. If it persists, try switching back to your old firmware and see if that changes anything.

Well, it almost seems as if the spring isn’t strong enough on the extruder. the filament can slip quite easily. when I saw it under extruding on the last print I pushed the filament in and it quite easily went by the gear as it seemed to be slipping. I’ve been switching back and forth between PETG and PLA recently and I’m having a harder time with PLA. Also, I have to adjust the E-steps with every filament change and I feel I have to redo it a couple of times to make sure it’s accurate and this is a new problem.

Oh and usually if I’m going to have a problem it’ll be in the first 1/2" of so of the print

I suppose it’s worth asking if it’s a metal extruder. The plastic ones can develop hairline cracks that prevent them from gripping. And speaking of gripping, have you checked to make sure the teeth on the extruder wheel are not worn away or clogged with old filament?

yup it’s all metal and I pulled the gear and wire brushed it so it was clean. I’ll take the thing off tomorrow and see if there is anything else. It would be so easy to make these with gears on both side of the filament and linked so they rotate together instead of the gear and pinch roller deal they use

I took this apart and didn’t find anything wrong except the filament sensor being cut in half by the filament. I’m thinking the filament might be getting snagged and that just takes a small snag to start it misfeeding. I had just cleaned it and there’s sawdust in it after a few hours printing. I put some washers under the spring in the extruder to move the coils more into tension rage and it’s got a lot more grip now. might need to get some better springs if they lose tension so easily.

Is it the Micro swiss? If so I can help

Nope stock extruder. Did you change them to microswiss on yours?