Extruder stops extruding

I have read the other post here, just didn’t want to hijack anyone’s post.
My issue is a little different, it will print fine for a while, then you hear what sound a bit like screeching, like when you hit the end of the travel on X and Y… then all the motor will do is sort of jitter back and forth. Once this occurs, the extruder will not run again until I power cycle the printer, then it will extrude again. If I power cycle right away, extruder starts working… I tried leaving the printer on for 24 hours after the failure, and it still would not extrude until I reset.
I have changed the Motor and the Board, then back to the original board… Still nothing.
I am wondering, with the 2208 drivers, along with the Marlin software, Is there some sort of protection for the drivers? The 2208’s are in standalone mode and should not be able to report anything back to the software… So this is odd.

Thanks Steve

That is odd.

What printer and some more info about the machine?

The jittering sounds like wiring or as you are guessing drive or software issue to me.

The printer is a CR10 V3 with the Titan extruder.

The problem with the wiring theory, and trust me, that was one of my first thoughts, is this:
If I wait until the problem occurs, and I lift the head up off the print surface so I can see the nozzle, and try to extrude, nothing will come out. But if I power cycle the printer being careful not to move anything, it will immediately start extruding again.
My best guess it there is a failure detection built into the Marlin software, but I cannot find any documentation on it.

My next course of action will be to replace the nozzle and clean the heating chamber since I did notice it is hard to extrude if I run it by hand… So hoping that will help.

Thanks Steve