Extruder Tension Issues


I thought I’d just pass something I just learned along.

In my Spare Parts Printer, I’ve always had something of an issue with the extruder skipping at different times. I had been told to set the tension screw to the point where you can barely see marks on the filament that goes through it.

I have been converting the printer to Klipper and the skipping got a lot worse. I tried increasing the motor current and then, out of desperation, started turning the extruder tension screw in the other direction - increasing the force on the filament and…

Everything started working perfectly.

In researching the issue afterwards, I discovered that when the extruder is skipping, that’s a symptom of the extruder tension spring being too lose, not too tight as I expected.

Here’s a good web page with video explaining the situation:


that’s a great guide @mykepredko glad you shared it, Think a lot of us would get some knowledge from it.