Failed prints on Ender 3 V2

I’ve been trying to print a mandalorian helmet on my Ender 3V2. I’ve been using PrusaSlicer, and just installed BL Touch. This is the most recent attempt (still haven’t managed to print a full one…)

I went to bed when it was about halfway through. I woke up this morning to not much more having been printed. The bed had pulled out and the nozzle had lifted as if the print was completed, but it was only halfway there.

Also not sure what to do about the extra filament coming out here and there and creating those weird bits?

Hello CaptainSky.

Looking at your top layer…
Looks like you ended up with a jam/Clog. Printer thinks it finished it’s Print

Those Zits can be caused by quite a few reasons.
Micro Clogs, Over extrusion, not enough costing. Filament that is too large for diameter of Bowden tube causing too much pressure build up until it releases, when it releases, it dose with a squirt out of filament.

Hi Keith!

After taking a closer look at my extruder I found that it was not pushing filament out anymore. See attached picture. I’m going to fix that and test again.

Nozzle seems fine - when pushing filament out by hand it comes out properly, but I’ll replace it anyhow just in case.

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Glad to Hear it was something easy, like a grub screws came loose on drive gear, lol

Yeah! On your suggestion though I checked my nozzle just in case… and was glad I did! Thank you again Keith!