Failed resin prints for beginners

Lately I have had many questions regarding failed Resin prints. It can be tuff to find answers out there because a failure can be caused be multiple reasons. 9 times out of 10 its because the orientation of the selected model. For example…If your printing a rectangle the size of the plate, you would think laying it flat would be 100% successful. It would most definitely show GREEN in your software, and GREEN means good. The problem here is the surface area of the object is going to fight with suction force against the FEP film. From the time you hit print, until the time your print is complete, The model and the FEP are playing a constant tug-of-war. Your print will more then likely be pulled from your plate, or half will be warped. The fix for this is simple. Lifting one side up on a slight angle is a great start. Once that’s done, go into your support settings and you will see “Z Lift Height” I tend to leave it at 5.00 depending on my print, in the case of our rectangle example we will leave it at 5.00.

Make sure your contact depth is appropriate to what your printing. Again, in the case of our example we will leave this at 0.60. Now add your +Platform without a raft. If you notice that not everything underneath is supported, that means it doesn’t have room to add heavy so manually add Medium or Light. Now using your arrow keys, go to the very first layer of your object and you will see it starts the print at one edge. This will cut down the strength of the suction, and will also help mask layer lines.

I hope this helps.
I will cover more advanced settings in a later post


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