Failed SD Card during print!

Think my SD card in my E3Dv2 died in the middle of a print. What the heck! Is this common?

Shopping for a new one tomorrow, is 8gb the max for my printer?

I have a 32gb in mine. Make sure it is formatted as fat 32.

I have used a 128Gb when I needed one bad, Havnt found a “limit” per se yet.

Unfortunately yes they die at the most inopportune moments. Usually, for me, I put it on my computer and it tells me there is an error and would I like windows to “fix” it. I tell it, yes and then my card is blank…

i have a 32 here too, but it is not seen by the printer.

I’ll keep trying.

What makes you think the SD card “died”? Can you still format it and reload files on it?

I’m asking because it’s not unusual to have the SD card trashed during operation (most of my printers have done that over the years) - what controller and firmware are you using?

It only has to be an 8gig card for uploading firmware.

It freezes or makes my computer run odd if it’s inserted into it. I may see the drive but I’m unable to open it. The printer does not see it.

Not sure of the firmware etc. Just the version it came with.

Okay, I’ll order some off Amazon, apparently nothing under 32gb in the stores here. I’ll try again with the 32gb card I already have at home.

What kind of computer do you have? How old and what OS?

There’s no way an SD card should affect how a computer runs.

If the SD Card bad, you should get an “unrecognized device” message and the PC goes on without a care.

Honestly, I’d be a lot more worried about the PC than the SD card at this point.

Some thing old, i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz with 10gb of RAM. My computer recognizes that something was plugged in but now the card is not shown. I can see it on an older computer running Linux, but I’m unable to go further then that, even tired formatting it on there and it just fails.

I’ve tried my 32gb card, but the printer does not see it.

Now I’m about to leave for a month for work and I’m looking at my printer and wonder how I can take it on the plane with me!

-Just found an old 256mb, formatted and worked. I have no clue what i was doing wrong with the 32gb.