Fan noise on startup

When first starting up my Ender3 v2 I am getting some noise from the hotend fan. It goes away after a few seconds and doesn’t come back until the next time the machine is re-started. Is this a sign I need a new fan? I’ve only had this printer since January.

It could be a bearing failing or an imbalance due to a damaged fan blade. Inspect the fan blades carefully for damage. It’s also possible that a small piece of debris is inside the fan housing hitting the fan blades at slow speeds but then being blown away from them at higher speeds.

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My ender 5 does this as well. I’m thinking of upgrading the fans for the couple dollars it takes and some print time to make the brackets

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I had tried using canned air to clean it out- I guess now I will have a look inside the cover.

I see a number of people recommending this , but I was hoping to avoid doing it after only a couple of months.

That sounds like a fan with a bearing that’s wearing out.
The fans are super cheap and cheaply built and luckily easy to replace.

I’ve had my machines make that noise a few times and a throwing a new fan at it always helps. I keep mine in a dusty environment so fans tend to die pretty quickly for me.

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I have the same noise on power up coming from the control box fan. The motor shaft might have too much play in it. Sounds like cheap fan. After a few seconds, if I give it a little tap, the noise stops and the fan runs smoothly or if I wait, it eventually starts running correctly. This is from a new Ender 3 max out of the box.


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