Fatal error message on Creality 10S Pro - Probing Failed

In turning on and preparing to print on my Creality 10S Pro, after the bed and extruder heating had concluded, and as it doing the self levelling routine in preparation for a very simple test print, I received a machine fault marked as “Killed”. The x position was 305.6, the y position was 106.0, and it was probing z position 5.0. Octiprint reported the error as “Probing Failed”. I reset everything again, and it errored a second time. it looks to me that it is off or at the very edge of the print bed, but I don’t know what has changed.

Has anyone seen this error, has some idea of the cause, and what a possible solution might be? My thanks for any advice in advance.

I am not sure if your issue is the same as mine but mine was the flat cable that feeds the print head. The constant bending of printing eventually broke one of the wires at one of the bend points. I found that if I bend the wire back and fourth at the broken point, I could get the BL Touch to power on and off. If this break in power happens during use the leveling will fail. Also if the BL Touch drops the pin intermittently while printing, the reason can be the same one.

That’s an interesting point. I will look into it. Thanks for your kind advice and your willingness to share it.

I printed the cable chain for my new printer to avoid this in the future. The cable chain only lets the cable have gradual bends and not sharp ones.

Hi thank you for reaching out!

If you are running octoprint are you also running custom firmware? You may want to check that the probe offset is set correctly in your firmware. If this is off slightly it would explain why the probe is going off the side of the bed, you might want to edit the values in the firmware to move it slightly inwards so that it touches the bed properly.

Another question is if the rest of the procedure looks proper? Does the probe pin drop before the axis starts moving down? And are the lights in the CR-Touch on?

Hopefully something here will be able to help you out,