Favorite 3DPC Filament Colour? Share your pics!

Hey yall!

I’m not sure how universal this experience is, but I know I love 3DPC since it has the best price for its standard filament (PLA & PETG) in Canada. <3

I’ve had yet to try every colour in that series and I was wondering what everyone’s favourite colour for the standard 3DPC filament was? I personally love their pastel green colour, it’s very vibrant and a colour you don’t always see for 3d prints.

[Update]: I guess I’ll also use this as a repository to keep a digital swatch of colours for future reference and might be helpful to anyone wanting to buy filament haha.

Second favorite is probably the blue cause it has a nice opaque and jet feel

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That print with the gears looks very impressive.

Love this green petg from 3dpc!


Thanks Chris!

Gotta love 3DPC standard filament as well as the textured bed on the Prusa Mini, perfect combo for perfect layers all the time!

Hey SgtKiLLx

That looks amazing! The green is so vibrant and opaque, I gotta try this out sometime, I honestly love the jet feeling of standard filament!

Personally, I just love the combo of Pearl Golden and Dark Orange. They just look so good together!

If I had to pick one though, it would be the gold :3


Nice! I also love the orange so much! It’s a bit softer than Prusa Orange / EuroPETG Orange but I like it that way. (Orange is my favorite color by the way so not biased at all ;))

I also did a gear in orange, although my camera does make it look a bit whiter than it actually is, but it is a very nice orange.

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Wow! That glow is amazing! Thanks for sharing kgr!

I definitely need to try that out sometime, I’ve been meaning to try glow and the dark haha.

Love the Hello 3D silky copper.


3DPC’s baby pink is one of my favourites! It’s the perfect shade of pink for printing Kirby.

It also goes great in combination with the Sakata Surf Green filament, like I used here for this clock I printed for my mom :slight_smile:

As a favourite, I’d pick the blue.
As a least favourite, it’s definitely the brown which, under poor lighting conditions, almost looks black. It isn’t even close to the colour they advertised on the web site. Thinking it was a stock-picking error, I ordered a second one and got the same one.

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Wow that clock is really cool! I love the colour combination, definitely gotta try out the pink sometime as well as the Sakata!

Thanks for sharing!

I do love silk filament <3

That dragon looks amazing! Thanks for sharing Logan!