FDM or SLA printers? A newbie question

Hi Geeks,
Probably this discussion has been routed already, but I believe my situation is new. I have the below pre-conditions/situation. Please help to decide.

Must to have:

  • Smooth finishing
  • Placed at home living with kids in a dedicated room with ventilation
  • Printables for kids (my own kids, and also commercializing in a near future), so material safety is not to compromise

Good to have:

  • Low noise
  • Fast printing

I must avoid:

  • Sanding process (I cannot free flow plastic particles)
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Dangerous filaments

I was determined to buy a Bambu Lab A1, then convinced on P1S. But while comparing the finished products in a few Youtube videos - I am amazed to see the SLA print quality.

Need a few experts viewpoints.

One important point if you are using around kids, at least the younger ones, the resin is toxic! So that’s on your “NO dangerous chemicals” list.

It also requires washing equipment and a curing system although you probably new that much.

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SLA can be quite toxic and has hazardous fumes, both during printing and cleaning. FDM also has micro particulate hazards during the printing process. Prining for children is a serious question mark age spending. 3D prints will fracture along printing lines, creating (Potential) chocking hazards.

The issue really comes down to trying to do an industrial process in a home and having restrictive parameters. I run 5 printers (Prusa x2, Bambu, FLsun, Monoprice.) I have a laser cutter as well. External ventilation system, air quality monitors, air filtration system 3 stage (Avelo3d), fire suppression, and an air purifier. Even with these precautions I still trigger the air quality sensors often.

You have to decide where what is safe. I would suggest a Prusa MK4 and the enclosure (prusa or other) with a 3 stage filtration and fire suppression. I dives the cost up substantially.


Food-Safe 3D Printing: Design Tips, Materials & Finishes | Xometry Europe.

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Everything is a compromise

IE: low noise and fast printing. Not likely on printers under a gazillion $$

FDM - PLA particles are considered relatively safe PETG mostly safe but others not so much. Less so for children. Exposure rates make a difference.

If you want smooth finished detail IE: no layer lines, not going to happen on either style but you can minimize them to the point that they are hard to see. Latest SLA have very fine detail but even a FDM printer st to 0.12layer height and a .2 MM nozzle (I don’t know if there are smaller ones) will have very good detail and small layer lines. The down side to both is printing time.

Compromise is a bitch!

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