Feline Protection (Enclosure Recommendations)

My CR10-V3 has been printing just about 24/7 since I’ve gotten it, normally my cat pays no attention at all to the printer when it is printing.
I’ve finally given it a couple days of downtime for some maintenance and upgrades; and now my cat has decided he NEEDS to sit or lay on the build plate…

So now I need an enclosure…

Anyone here use one? Have any recommendations?
I’m open to both DIY solutions and purchased enclosures.

Cat tax:


Well the cat looks comfy. :laughing:

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Close the door and don’t let the cat in that area?

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It’s not possible with my current setup, my small apartment only has a bathroom door :sob::joy:.

I’d love a seperate room/space to keep the printers in…

Well then the only option I see is to get ride of the cat! :rofl:

Probably one of those grow tents from amazon then.

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The cat may continue to ignore the printer once it’s operational again. Most of them are afraid of it. There’s a whole thread on Facebook on this topic. I’ll give you the same advice I gave that guy: mount a laser pointer on the print head and point it at the wall.

If you insist on an enclosure, I’d suggest a clear but solid plastic type. Not the tent style; they can be clawed through. Also, the walls will either have to be tall enough that the cat can’t jump over them, or you’ll need a lid. Be sure there’s plenty of internal space to allow for the full range of movements plus a bit extra. Lastly adequate ventilation holes as the enclosure will obviously trap heat and gasses when in use. When you do finally go to use the enclosure, be sure to include a water bowl for the cat.


Hmmm, good idea. One of those taller grow tents actually seems like a decent quick solution, the reflective inside might even help hold heat for ASA/ABS prints.

A bowl of water ahaha :rofl::joy::rofl::+1:

I might be able to build some sort of acrylic divider that just stops him jumping up instead of a full enclosure. I don’t actually need to trap the heat… That actually seems alot easier! Thanks for the idea!

Also, I’m totally trying the laser pointer taped to the hot end for fun. That just seems like a good time.

In the end the only solution is going to be to buy the cany his own printer.


As an update, now that the printer is running again he no longer sits on the bed.

But he has gained a new fascination with watching the printer and has become my part-time print supurrvisor.


You should print him a pet mouse for all his hard work.


@LEGOManiac, He loves his new pet mouse.