Few issues need to solve to get my machine running nice. PLZ help if ya can

Hey everyone. I want to thank everyone in advance for any help.

I have a creality cr-10 smart pro and a sonic pad running klipper. I’m just trying to get everyone to print nice so I can make stuff for my kids.

I will show you the pictures of my latest benchy.

I have recently relevelled 3 times to make sure. I set up and ran the ressonence testing on both axis.

I cleaned my bed and installed a new hardened steel tip. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated

Are both sides rough looking? I WOULD BE CURIOUS IF IT WAS COOLING BEING BETTER ON ONE ORIENTATION OVER THE OTHER. (sorry stupid caps lock!)

rotating the file 90º might answer this.

I love my HS nozzle it does take a bit longer to heat I run a manual pre heat for 2-4 mins longer than needed. I doubt thes has anything to do with it but it can’t hurt.

I run Klipper on an FLsun. Is there some reason for the very slow print?

Looks the same with the zits on both sides. I am going to try at. 02 and 10 percent infill but it still says 2 hrs :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Hi there,

What temperature are you printing this at? Also what do you have your retractions set to?

Have you ensured that your esteps are set correctly, looks almost like there is some over-extrusion on the benchy, this could very well be what’s causing the horrible looking surfaces and zits as well.


So nozzle temp 200 bed temp 60
Zhop enabled zhop height 0.2
Retract at layer change enabled
6.5 mm
25.0 mm/s

Speed set at 80
Wall at 60

Im using the latest version of cura I am wondering if that’s the issue or maybe power off recovery mode?

Seems to be an issue with the new update on cura. I have downgraded to v5.2.2

Seems to have been an issue in there somewhere.

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I started with Cura exclusively. Then I switched to Prusa Slicer exclusively. Recently I bought a new printer that came with (terrible) cura profiles and nothing else. I built my own in PS. Then I made a discovery, some files were faster and printed better in PS other were better in Cura.

I have come to believe no slicer will give the very best possible results 100% of the time. I am now using PS and Cura mostly PS as it has a better interface and some of the automatic things are better but not always. Cura has its own things.

I would suggest take a file and try multiple slicers and then a second different file and do the same. It is interesting what the differences are with very similar settings.

Hey there,

Seems like a lot of retraction for a direct drive set up, that value seems more like a bowden value. The direct drive ones have to be a lot shorter (usually 0.5-1mm) because there is a much shorter path. Personally on my Cr-10 smart pro I have my retractions set to 0.8mm for PLA.

I would suggest bringing that down and giving it another shot. Your temperatures seem fine to me and should work alright for those speeds. Just a sanity check but everything was working fine before switching to klipper correct?