Filament Colour Change


I have a 5 Plus and | use the latest Cura. I have also installed the silent board.

I am trying to specify a height for the machine to stop at so the filament colour can be changed. In cura, I have used both “Filament Change” and “Pause at Height”.

Filament Change - Does not work at all. Printer continues to print without stopping.

Pause at Height - Printer will pull away to home, for about a second then return to printing with no pause as specified.

Can anyone shed a light on this? Its beginning to feel like a firmware issue…(another one)


I understood this to be disabled in firmware on creality printers I see that people are using octoprint to make this function work

::SOLUTION:: Yesterday I posted a question as to how to pause for a filament colour change. I was told I could not due to the firmware. However I have found a work a round that does the job just fine. This solution is for Cura users. My printer is a 5 plus with the silent board installed.

  • Use Pause at Height plugin.

  • Change to Pause at layer, select your layer to pause at. Pause at Height DOES NOT WORK

  • Disarm Time Out - Set to 1800 Keeps steppers locked for 1800 seconds

  • Select your X and Y position to stop at. Head will park here and remain stationary with steppers active.

  • Set your Retraction rate and speed. Bowden or Direct Drive. I use Micro swiss in this instance.

  • Set your Stand by Temperature - This keeps the hot end up to your desired temperature during the pause. Bed temperature will be maintained during the pause at whatever you set it to in Cura.

  • Gcode After Pause. This is the trick. Set it to G4 S180. G4 executes the pause and S sets the pause in seconds. Here we have specified 180 seconds or 3 minutes to get the filament changed. You can shorten of lengthen this to suit your own wishes.

  • Note - The pause button on the display will NOT work during this operation. You must wait for G4 S180 to time out. Once 180 seconds pass, your printer will resume the print on its own with no other guidance from you. So, in short, you have 3 minutes to change the filament then the print auto resumes.

  • Note See the photos below for an example.

Happy Printing 🙂

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