Filament Diameter, anyone use 2.85mm?

I only use 1.75mm filament and see it as prettymuch the most common filament diameter in use for numerous reasons.

Im curious both from the 3D Printing Canada sales side, and from the use side as to who still uses it.

3D Printing Canada, how much non 1.75mm filament do you guys sell on a weekly or monthly basis?

Users, Why do you still use 2.85mm filament? Or do you switch your hotend/firmware and buy whatever is either available/cheaper?

hey @Dr.Marvin

I cannot pull actual numbers but I can tell you, 2.85 sells rarely.

When I first started here about a year and a half ago we had a couple of racks of 2.85 in the warehouse. we are down now to less than 1. Slowly its starting to get pretty thin.

I sill have a couple of rolls of 2.85 at my house as my first machine was 2.85 but that quickly changed when I found the color variations were much better in 1.75

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