Filament extruding really large diameter and strangely

Hi All,

I have a 0.4mm volcano NozzleX nozzle that I have been using for about a year now - I have printed maybe about 5kg of filament with it. Some PLA, some PETG, some Polycarbonate.

After the last swap from PETG to PLA, it is suddenly extruding filament that I have measured at approximately 1mm to 1.2mm diameter.

What is even stranger is that it seems to be almost elastic! When I manually extrude via my printer interface, when it stops, the filament literally sucks back in (no retraction on manual extrude) and then oozes out.

PLA filament is Hello3D Silky silver 1.75mm filament. I have not really printed much with this filament before so I’m curious if any of you have seen such behavior?


@ElrinV that is really typical of silks. I think it is the additive that causes it to retract and become thicker. This effect in my experience only happens in air, when in contact with itself or the bed it seems to behave.

It is odd but I have seen it as well with a few silks both with regular e3D brass and nozzle x. I don’t think it has anything to do with the printer and everything with the additives in the filament that make them ‘silk’

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@kitedemon that is indeed the case! First time printing with the Silk PLA and it caught me off guard. When trying a print it came out perfectly fine - maybe a bot more stringy, but pretty good.

I just assumed something was wrong when I saw how fat those purge extrusions were. Lesson learned!


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