Filament extrusion

Does anyone know why Creality sets the default out of the box extrusion rate at 93 MM instead of the 100mm it should be.

could be the machines are prone to over extrude so this is what they pick for default.

Here’s how to test.

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I don’t know. I reset mine to 100mm and it prints fine without any over extrusion.

well, there you go as long as you’re happy. The link is here if you run into trouble and need to test it.

The extrusion rate can also effect dimensions a bit. Most of my printers (no Crealities but the sidewinder looks to be a subsiduary) have less than 100. It is commonly done.

I always set the e-rate to 100 and calibrate everything else and it seems to be right. I was just wondering if anyone knew why they did it that way.