Filament Jam, Ender 5 Pro

have a question for you Jason. I was printing a 18cm planter the base finished except for the finish layer then the filament stopped in the print head. Extruder tried to extrude but chewed up the filament while the print head was still trying to print. I cleaned the small jam in the print head and tried again increasing nozzle temp 10 degrees. Same thing. Cleaned the nozzle tried again same thing. So I formatted the SD card and sliced a different stl the same thing happened only this time the jam came higher up on the print. printed an XYZ cube to see if it would finish and it did. What’s up? Ender 5 pr0 using Value pla .

Let me pull this out to another thread and troubleshoot it.

Just to ask a couple of questions, What are your retractions set to? what filament are you using?

Usually when a printer is pretty stable and all of a sudden starts randomly jamming, first thing I would do is pull off a meter or so of the filament and try again, Next steps would be to try a known good print (which I think you have already done), Next I would check for bad nozzle, see if the heat tighten has come loose on the nozzle, Finally run a 100 mm extrusion test and see if the extruder is slipping or not?

If it has a boden tube check to see if the end has burned away or is otherwise no longer square to the heat break. These would cause your problems.

Happened with Value PLA bowden tube clean no filament squished out pushed a plug back into the tube extruded and pushed the plug out. needled the nozzle .4 needle no clogs. Printed using Gold printed several layers stopped again repeated process jacked temp up 10 degrees printed and stoppage again 210 on the nozzle 60 on the bed the menu shows proper temps. no fluctuations show. I changed nozzle and same thing. Checked tube with a piece of new filament no restrictions. Have a different heater tube thermistor and all metal hot end I will install.

Also once I clean up jam and do an extrusion test I get 98 98 97 mm for three tests.

If it isn’t the bowden and nozzle is it heat creep? That would be the most lodgical. I am a big proponet of swapping nozzles worn ones print poorly and with lots of stringing and such. When I use brass around the 1 kg mark I pull them usually.

If it’s happening with multiple filaments, the Extrusion test is good, and on a known good print.

I think heat creep may be likely, or a variation of, Maybe bent heat break? or a cooling fan not working well, by that I mean slowing down and then speeding up again?

I know this is going to be a bit of a judgement call on your behalf, Try pulling the Bowden tube from the top of the nozzle, heat the nozzle and manually feed filament through the nozzle, see if you can push it through with minimal force, should flow evenly and steadily as you push it. if you are feeling any resistance or if the flow is not even and stable then it’s in the hot end somewhere. maybe while you have access you could try a cold pull if you have a filament with a higher melt temp, Nylon or ABS. Just to make sure there is no contamination riding around inside the nozzle tip that you could not feel with the needle?

Really, I’ve put several rolls through my current nozzle and it is still going strong. :muscle:

I found a decrease in print quality and more stringing changing the nozzle drastically improved the prints. I was going through them quite quickly. I switched to using E3D nozzles and they lasted longer but switching to the x nozzle was the best. It is remarkable.

I just use the cheap Amazon crap nozzles and so far, fingers crossed, they have been good.