Filament jam/squeeze out

oops, Had to take the head apart to clean it. I guess it happened when the part came off the bed. Guess the smart filament sensor could have stopped this a lot sooner.

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the spring steel sheet on this printer is the only thing I don’t like about it. I would highly recommend you put a piece of glass on there and use Elmer’s glue stick with like three to four layers you won’t have prints popping off the bed that easy at all they might become difficult at times to get off but they always come off worse comes to worse you just go ahead put that thing in your laundry tub under some hot water and eventually it’ll just pop right off. also just to let you know the Ender stock glass will fit this printer or you could use a wham bam spring steel sheet with the PEX and still use glue stick cuz I do on mine when I use my wham bam Spring steel

I was going to take your advice but I found my plate glass frozen and was afraid of breaking it to free it. it’ll be the next thing I try. Tired of whining about this…

Those Wham Bam plates are steel like this and you add a plastic sheet to it? The PEX? Or is that a coating that comes on it?

Hey Glen

you pick the coating you want and stick it on, comes with PEI and PEX I believe if you get the mega wham, (or whatever they call it) or you can buys the parts separately and just get what you need.

Jason H


Ok ill have a look, thanks

Well it seems I’ve solved that problem, its been printing continuously for a few days with no issues. Except one bug that is exposed again…If I collect a bunch of parts in Cura from diferent STLs and stack the build plate for a print it now prints just fine but needs a hard reset before it can print again once its finished. If I make an STL will all the same parts and open it in Cura then so alm the parts are already there then no problem it will print and I can print something else right after with no issues and no reset.

hey Glen brother what’s up listen bro I personally unless I completely have the filament dialed and printing awesome I do one part at a time it saves wasting filament and will print a lot faster yes you’ll have stop and set up for each print but at least you won’t be wasting filament

I’m back to printing lots of parts without any waste from failures so for overnight and when I’m otherwise occupied it can be printing. The prints are coming out very good I think I’m making things too strong for some of the parts so I can probably learn to better tune how much plastic and where the plastic goes in the part to get what I want. I’ll be on to trying other filaments this weekend so I expect more failures heh. I’m also, before I get this roll of PLA off, going to do the whole Teaching Tech calibration tuning step by step. I think it’ll help me better understand what I see and the settings. I can do that while I put my enclosure together