Filament jammed on spool, what do you think I did to my machine?

It’s an ender 5 plus, not that I think that matters.

I fed the machine not realizing the filament was crossed under itself (if that makes sense), anyway, spool jammed and the filament did not break, not sure how long it was like that, more then an hour I should say.

I have the silent board, this machine was whisper quite, now I’m sure I can hear something from the extuder, don’t know if it’s the stepper motor, or the extruder mech…

I’ve attached a picture of a print after the jamb, not sure if this issue is related

maybe the extruder just has dust from grinding on the filament?

I did blow it out with compressed air, but maybe I was not thorough enough, I’ll give it another go when this print is done👍

I tend to agree. But it’s also possible that the filament is ground into the gear teeth of the extruder and not just loose dust. I’d take the extruder apart and clean the the gears with a toothbrush.

sometimes compressed air blows the dirt into places that are worse.


Guess I should install the aluminum extruder I bought that’s still sitting unopened in it’s box…

Good idea on looking at the gear, never thought to have a closer look.

I like to use a paint brush for such things. I have been having the extruder gear eat a lot of filament lately it doesn’t seem to bother anything in my experiences other than the failed prints…

Oh, she be cracked!

Well doesn’t that just drive you crazy. Extruder arms always seem to have an issue. Poor design.

Yuk … doesn’t meet the 20-word limit so double yuk…

I switched it to a nice red aluminum one, hopefully it lasts longer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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