Filament leakage Issue

Anycubic 4 Max pro 2.0

I have just Received a Brand new 3D Printer Hot End Suitable for my Printer, and the Filament is Leaking from the Nozzle. I have tightened the Nozzle to the Hot End as tight as I can, But Still the Filament is leaking.

I have Tried to Tighten the nozzle to the Hot End, I have Watch the tutorial on hot to replace hot end.

Hard to tell from the photos but it is possible that your nozzle is butting up against the heater block as opposed to the heatbreak. The image below (I just got it from google) shows how the nozzle should seal to the heatbreak.


Did you heat the block up to print temperature before you tightened the nozzle?